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Spring Student Research Grants Program Winners Announced

Four Students Received Funding Awards to Carry Out and Publish Research

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Research Grants Program awards funds to students to carry out and publish research. Each semester, $5,000 is available, with up to $2,500 awarded per student.

Grant Recipients
Spring 2024 recipients of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Student Research Grants Program Awards (from left): Karissa Vermillion, Shawn Fields, Amna Afzal and Lucille Baker-Stahl.

Students may apply each semester but may only receive one award per degree in EAS. The selection committee (currently Regina Capuano, Dan Hauptvogel, Xun Jiang, Shuhab Khan, and Julia Wellner [chair]) noted that the process is becoming more and more competitive each round.

Spring 2024 Recipients

Amna Afzal
Quantification and Primary Source Analysis of Per- and Poly fluoroalkyl (PFAS) Substances in Soil Using LC-MS/MS, Edwards Aquifer, South Central Texas
Advisor: Qi Fu

Lucille Baker-Stahl
Quantifying Delta Lip Responses to Flow Dynamics to Inform Morphodynamic Models
Advisor: Brandee Carlson

Shawn Fields
Provenance of the Vantage Member of the Ellensburg Formation and Evolution of the Columbia River Basin System After the Initiation of Miocene Flood Basalt Volcanism
Advisor: Tom Lapen

Karissa Vermillion
The Role of Extension in the Transition from Subduction to Strike-Slip Faulting in the Tectonic Reconfiguration of Southern California
Advisor: Pete Copeland