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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Conjugate Basins, Tectonics and Hydrocarbons Project at UH

The Conjugate Basins, Tectonics and Hydrocarbons (CBTH) project, now in its 17th year, currently employs one project coordinator (Jeff Storms), two post-docs (Lei Sun, Sharon Cornelius), eight Ph.D. students (Mohamed Abdelfatah, Ruth Beltran, Daniella Easley, Nahid Hasan, Chesney Petkovsek, Juan Pablo Ramos, Upal Shahriar, and Kenneth Shipper), and one undergraduate (Faith Walton).

Daniella Easley
Daniella Easley, Ph.D. student, presents at the IMAGE 2022 conference in Houston.

Study areas include the Permian Basin, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Guyana, Brazil, Morocco, and the Red Sea. Studies are based on subsurface data provided by CBTH’s industry partners.

Recent presentations include the SEG-AAPG IMAGE meeting in early September and the CBTH year-end sponsors meeting held October 7, 2022.

The CBTH project had several graduates in 2022 that have gone on to successful positions:

  • Dr. Nawaz Bugti (Ph.D. May 2022, a postdoc working with Dr. Yingcai Zheng at UH)
  • Bryan Moore (M.S. May 2022, an explorationist with Total Energies), and
  • Nahid Hasan (Ph.D. expected January 2023, starting as an explorationist with BP).

Summer interns for 2023 include: Daniella Easley (Chevron basin modeling research group), Juan Pablo Ramos (BP), and Mohamed Abdelfatah (ExxonMobil).

All project contributions from 2005 to present are listed on the CBTH website.