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From the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

EAS has Excellent Showing at Geological Society of America Meeting

This year, the department had many students and faculty presenting at the Annual Geological Society of America Meeting held in Denver. UH EAS was represented with 14 presentations and posters.

EAS Posters and Presentations at GSA

Names in italics indicate UH faculty or student.

Preliminary Neotectonics Analysis, Southern Red Rock Fault, Tendoy Range, Chute Canyon, SW Montana
Leo Collier & Steven Ramirez
Undergraduate students Leo Collier and Steven Ramirez presented research results from the 2022 field camp in southwestern Montana.

Zamanialavijeh, Nina, Daniel, Michael, Fields, Shawn, Collier, Leo, Ramirez, Steven, Murphy, Michael A., Weber, John, Baker, Samantha, Beane, Samuel, Beason, Radley, Bui, Thach, Garcia, Nephtaly, Gavillot, Yann, Lopez, Gabriel, Guderian, Evan, Mandujano, Caroline, Martinez, Zafiro, Muir, Elena, Ortega, Karla, Osborne, Jonathan, Ragusa, Daniel, Tort, Alain, Wu, Kevin and Alatorre Munoz, Juan Rodrigo

Evidence of Polyphase Deformation in the Rushan-Pshart Arc, a Preliminary Petrographic Analysis
Rachel Ronquille
Graduate student Rachel Ronquille presented her research on geochronology and petrography of rocks from the Pamir Mountains in central Asia.

Ronquille, Rachel

Modern Soil Chemistry Distributions within the Serengeti Ecosystem and Their Implications for Paleosol-Based Proxies

Beverly, Emily Jane, Levin, Naomi, Baker, Samantha, Garza, Brittany, Flynn, Andrew, Takashita-Bynum, Kevin and Arellano, Lisabeth

The Architecture of The Luzon Arc in the Taiwan Arc-Continent Collision

Suppe, John, Hsieh, Yu-Huan, and Chi, Wen-Rong

Detachment Folding within the Foreland Basin of Fold-Thrust Belts: An Example from the Sichuan Basin, South China

Liu, Yiduo and Liu, Yin

Flashfloods Cause Subaqueous Delta Evolution at Drought-Stricken Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico

Eckland, Abigail, Overeem, Irina, and Carlson, Brandee

Multiscale Retrodeformable Transect of the Active Taiwan Arc-Continent Collision: Strategies and Results

Hsieh, Yu-Huan, Suppe, John, Liu, Char-Shine, Huang, Hsin-Hua, and Carena, Sara

Stable and Chaotic Eras: An Early Eocene Terrestrial Record from the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA

Flynn, Andrew, Beverly, Emily Jane, Zellman, Kristine, Fricke, Henry, and Williamson, Thomas E.

Tracking Lower Crustal Processes through High-Precision Zircon U-Pb, Hf Isotope Analyses in Successive Super-Eruptions (Socorro Caldera Complex, USA)

Gaynor, Sean, Smith, Tyson, and Schaltegger, Urs

Teleseismic Seismic Analysis of Episodic Magma Hammers in the Recent Cataclysmic HTHH Eruption

Zheng, Yingcai, Hu, Hao, Spera, Frank, Scruggs, Melissa, Thompson, Glenn, Jin, Yuesu, Lapen, Thomas J., Mcnutt, Stephen, Mandli, Kyle, Peng, Zhigang, and Yuen, Dave A.

Geodynamics of Strain Partitioning Facilitated by Mechanical Heterogeneity and Oblique Convergence in the Arcuate Himalaya

Fan, Suoya, Murphy, Michael A., and Whipp, David

Drivers of Subsidence and Sedimentation in the Paradox Basin during the Late Paleozoic

Smith, Tyson, Rasmussen, Donald, Saylor, Joel E., and Lapen, Thomas J.

Early Pliocene Paleosols of the Baringo Basin, Kenya

Lukens, William E., Beotas, Luis Gibert, Kingston, John D., Beverly, Emily Jane, Deino, Alan, Baumer, Shelby, Neydon, Kali, Tamon, Obrine T., and Herold, Joslyn

Diachronous Deformation, Magmatism, and Basin Formation in the Central Andean Plateau Due to Flat Slab Subduction

Saylor, Joel, Sundell, Kurt, Perez, Nicholas, Hensley, Jeffrey B., Mccain, Payton, Runyon, Brook, Alvarez, Paola, Cárdenas, José, Usnayo Perales, Whitney P., and Valer Medina, Carlos S.